Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Shenanigans

Pictures for no other reason that for making your Sunday Fashionably inspired and beautiful! 
Tom Ford F/W 2012. Photo courtesy of:
Tom Ford always knows how to make a woman swoon! 
Photo courtesy of:
Texture, this season it is all about the texture! 
Photo courtesy of:
 Plaid is so very in right now. I am looking into purchasing a plaid suit at the moment. We will see my fashion forward friends....we will see (smirk)!
Lanvin Paris Fashion Show, F/W 2011/2012. Photo courtesy of:
Play with shapes and boot cuts. 
Photo courtesy of:
Accessorize to match you, not your outfit! I love that her bracelet brings out her eyes. I have a green turquoise ring and I always feel special when I wear it because it brings out my eyes. Something about the way it makes me can I describe this....pulled together no matter what! Yah. thats it!
Fendi. photo courtesy of:
I love this photo as she seems to be anything but the starving artist. Maybe she is visiting the painter who's art she collects. No matter what her story may be, her throw back to vintage style is inspiring my artist within. 
Giambattista Valli A/W 2011. Photo courtesy of:
This red on red is wonderful and so do-able for this winter season. Flowing fabric also helps to break up the look. When you color match, make sure you are playing with fabric and texture too! 
Azzedine Alaia F/W 2011-2012. Photo courtesy of:
Beyond Chic! 
Chanel Haute Couture F/W 2011-2012. Photo courtesy of:
Chanel is blowing my mind as always! I am loving the dress with a cape. Don't know where in the world I would wear it, but it inspires the little 5 year old in me to jump off the back of the couch and then strut down a red carpet somewhere! Love it!  
Stephane Rolland Haute Couture, F/W 2011-2012. photo courtesy of:
Speaking of blowing my mind!!! This dress is completely unrealistic for a woman with curves as this is a thick weave. But on the model it is inspiring! Look at the attention to detail, this dress looks like it must have taken a year to make! 
Giorgio Armani Prive. Haute Couture F/W 2011-2012. Photo courtesy of:
An entry to come featuring just the Armani Prive fashion show collection. I think it might be my favorite collection this season! 
Chanel Haute Couture F/W 2011-2012. photo courtesy of:
I think we have Givenchy to thank for this little inspiration with the see through skirt. But Chanel is doing a wonderful job of reinventing! Love the flowing fabric with the almost armor like top! Talk about a play on fabric!!!
Armani Prive F/W 2011-2012. Photo courtesy of:
Armani Rpive gives me wonderful heart palpitations! I think I am in Louuuve! 
Atelier Versace. Photo courtesy of:
Versace reinvents her classic style and somehow you know it is her design when you look at it, but at the same time it is unlike anything you have seen! Versace brilliance! 
Elie Saab. Photo Courtesy of:
Neutral color with a play on texture, Elie Saab hits the nail on the head! 
Stephane Rolland Dress. Photo Courtesy of:
I just had to show you the back of this dress. It is just too amazing! 
Photo Courtesy of:
Pay attention to detail! Even if you are the only one that notices all day, it will make you feel polished! 
Chanel. Photo Courtesy of:
Chanel layers with a vintage slash hippie dress. Loving the blend of style in this one dress. He never ceases to amaze me with his creations! 

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